Meet Our Founder

Oorbee and her family
Oorbee Roy
20 years ago, Oorbee Roy was living in NYC and working on Wall Street. After surviving 9/11, she realized that it was wholly inauthentic for her to seek success and happiness in Corporate America. Soon after, she left her high stress job and set out to live a purpose driven life.
Oorbee began collaborating with artisans in her ancestral home of Kolkata, India to develop an ethically sourced line of pillows and table linens. The circular, geometric designs were inspired by a dying artform known as Alpona, which she learned from her mother. OM home® launched in 2002 and over the next several years, grew into an admired brand known for colourful Indian-inspired modern bedding and home décor.
After the Great Recession of 2008 and the birth of her daughter in 2010, Oorbee saw an opportunity to pivot her designs into the more stable children’s market. Frustrated with the predominance of traditional pink and powder-blue baby products and cheaply made fast fashion, Oorbee worked with a local Toronto-based manufacturer to create a classic and colourful line of quality-made, eco-friendly bedding and baby basics that would endure both fashion trends and hand-me-downs.
Oorbee currently resides in Toronto, Canada where she enjoys skateboarding with her husband and two kids. She continues to pursue her creative and philanthropic endeavours.
Oorbee (pronounced oor-bee), means mother earth in Sanskrit